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Zendesk Messaging Training

Zendesk Messaging Training

  • To be agreed
  •   11- 12 pm OR 12 - 1pm (UK)
  • In person or virtual

Calling all experienced Zendesk Admins looking to take your skills to the next level!

Our expert Zendesk Implementation Consultants are here to guide you through an immersive training program that will empower you to leverage Zendesk Messaging, Social, and Bot workflows like never before.


Course content: 

Zendesk Messaging Session 1: 
Unlock the potential of omnichannel interaction and learn how to optimise customer conversations across multiple channels.

Triggers and Automation:

Master the art of automating repetitive tasks and streamlining customer interactions with effective triggers and automations.

Shortcuts for Efficiency: 

Discover time saving shortcuts and techniques to enhance your productivity as a Zendesk Admin.

Web Widgets and Article Recommendations:

Leverage the power of the web widget and learn how to provide targeted article recommendations to customers.

Omnichannel Configuration: 

Explore advanced configuration for seamless omnichannel support within Zendesk.

Building a Bot and Advanced Flow Builder:

Dive into the world of Bot creation and gain proficiency in advanced steps using the Flow Builder.